Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sea Turtles: Discourse, Language, Contact Improv & Resources

Discourse (social context) and language seem to create, or give form to, some of the options we have in the day-to-day. Today's discourse, with the internet, is very broad, in the aftermath of the 1960s, especially, and, of course, including the Enlightenment and the industrial revolutions, loosely, forward.

Discourse is an extraordinarily far-reaching word, but rarely, in my experience, do people think about its significant implications. And so much of our experience of discourse is shaped by language, which we can use to shape 'discourse,' through speech acts {agency}.


At a recent Contact Improv jam, the woman I was dancing with and I found a lot! of freedom moving together, and very intimately. The music was great, and unusually up-tempo for contact, and this, in part opened creative movement possibilities together. {Dancing together was fun:}.

I then danced with two other folks, also dynamically. MMmmm. :)


Even with opportunities for great contact improv {and the possibility to develop loving bliss contact improv}, which occur at specific times and places, I'm still curious how to access loving bliss when and as we want, neurophysiologically and naturally, for example in the day-to-day.


How to generate resources richly, when and as one wants them?

World University and School may make intellectual resources possible to large numbers of people.

This may in turn help people find the work they want, or might enjoy, thus leading to financial resources, especially if they can teach about this, by adding, for example, to World University and School, ~ if this might be enjoyable for them.

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