Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ponderosa Pines: Playing Your Mind Like A Musical Instrument vis-a-vis Loving Bliss

Play your mind like a musical instrument :)

You're walking in the woods and you see a beautiful view, ~ say, of a few trees in variegated sunlight.

Become aware of their beauty, and aware of seeing them as beautiful.

The sweet smell of grasses nearby becomes noticeable to you, almost at the same time as you observe the woods. You remember a line of music from Vivaldi {its flamboyant, almost playful, exuberance} and, as you continue to see these trees, start to weave the line of music you're recalling with your developing ways of observing these trees, as their beauty and the light unfolds in your mind.

You begin to create a developing experience of great enjoyment at this unfolding noticing of the trees, in the changing, mottled light, and together with the music, ~ all finding developing form in your mind.

In your mind, grow this in so many, ongoing, imaginative ways, over minutes, and even longer. {Explore this while painting, - with easel, palette, and canvas?}.

An experience of bliss emerges in your mind, as this experience of the trees in the light unfolds, with the music developing in your mind, and you welcome this bliss, even as you relax as it emerges {or these neurochemical qualities emerge}. Bliss bubbles up, or a memory elicits it. Play! Weaving this experience of bliss, with the unfolding of light on the slightly moving trees, while seeing aspects of these woods, and hearing, in your mind, the Vivaldi music develop, you begin to experience a kind of crescendo, and experience, as a changing whole, all these aspects as they are emerging.

A sense - an experience, this neurophysiology - of love emerges, complementing the bliss already in your bodymind. Welcoming this, you begin, a little like an orchestral conductor, or the first violinist in a chamber music ensemble, who is relaxed and skilled, to weave together each of the developing experiences above, and to elicit further, related experiences - concurrently - that you are creating in this time. MMmmm. :) Pianissimo, ~ feel the tufts of grass under your heels that support you. The sun warms your neck, oh, so comfortably, and you relax further there with the woods. Feeling the warmth on your neck, you begin to let the Vivaldi lines of music ~ your singing in your mind ~ transmute into a slightly exaggerated Telemann piece. What joy ... What a fascinating change.

Receiving all of this as it unfolds in your mind, you open further into this, all in the developing moment, welcoming and bringing in new, unfolding, mental richnesses, ~ playing your mind.

You begin to play your mind more frequently in life.

Here are some ideas for practicing this:


Playing your mind like opera ...

... and improvisational opera {?} ...

at Harbin Hot Springs {?}, in your mind.


And how would playing your mind like a musical instrument operate with friends who are doing the same with you? With a conductor? And improvisationally?

MMmmm ... up comes the idea of chamber music of understanding and delight?



( - April 2, 2009)

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