Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Indonesian Orchid: What's the URL for the class you teach?, World University and School Wiki Course Schedule

What's the web address (URL) for the class you teach?

Does it teach people how to do something?

Let's post it ~ worlduniversity.wikia.com


Your teaching a class would be great.

Besides having found students myself for classes I was teaching in Second Life, I haven't thought through how to use World University and School to let students know about upcoming courses,

~ besides an email list (which is in the works),

~ a possible WUaS wiki class calendar, and

~ by sending people a notice through the Facebook group -


- which I'd be more than happy to do, if you wanted to hold a course.

It would be the first interactive course taught through the Creative Commons, open source World University and School.

I'd like to attend.

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