Thursday, September 10, 2009

Amborella Trichopoda: Non-harming at World Univ & School, Dancers as Free, Openness, Angiosperms

As it develops, I'd like to inform World University & School with a non-harming (Ahimsa) and pacifist orientation, as a fundamental way to express appreciation for life.


To generalize, I think dancers live a kind of freedom (also discipline) which many other people and roles in society do not. In some ways, I see dancers as living a kind of hippie life for centuries, even.

Contact improv, in particular, seems to develop a dancing approach to freedom.


In what ways might people combine Contact Improv with eliciting loving bliss?


To be open, with trust and friendliness, is a great human way of being. Realism and pan troglodytism (common chimp-ness as my reading of human behavior) can lead to inhibiting openness at times, perhaps), but human openness is wonderful when there's trust. Kids are wonderful examples of openness. Sometimes, in addition to pan troglodytism, modernity seems to make openness risky.


Flowering plants - angiosperms - emerged possibly 230 - 150 million years ago.

Here's more about them:

Amborella trichopoda is a small shrub found only on the island of New Caledonia in the South Pacific, and represents the oldest living lineage of flowering plants. ... Water lilies and star anise represent the two next-oldest lineages alive today.

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