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Orang Hanging from Limb in Water: I watched the people wake up on Harbin's redwood sleeping deck, World Univ & Sch in Poem, Harbin's Code

I Watched The People Wake Up

I watched the people wake up
on Harbin's redwood
sleeping deck,
and saw Woodstock 1969
in Harbin.

If Harbin is Woodstock,
as an organization,
40 years later,
it's weathered a lot of
stormy, warm pool,
hippie seas
in becoming now,
and this ship
is beautiful.

Bathtub Watsu ~
{water shiatsu -
where someone draws
someone through
warm water
in a dance,
in a warm pool} ~
how to do Watsu at home?
A book about this?

Anika, who was facilitating
the Watsu class
this Sunday morning,
suggested breathing,
in response to this idea,

“Bathtub Watsu,”
and a wiki
(editable web pages),
and actually doing
bathtub Watsu
in the comfort of
one's own home,
especially vis-a-vis
a virtual world,
~ a virtual Harbin ~
like in Second Life ...
are good ideas.

Harbin is hippie central,
{or fluid, distributed hippie-dom},
with all of counterculture's
realities & fantasies.

"Do you have
any ecstasy - MDMA"
I asked Shell {in jest!}
at the Blue Room
cafe today?
She asked me, mumbling,
about the NBA
(National Basketball Association?),
and sold me a coffee.
I asked her, in response, if
she had any basketballs,
wondering whether anyone
in the cafe saw
"What the Bleep Do We Know!?"

She, who was working
in the Harbin
Blue Room Cafe,
was wearing a burka
at Burning Man.

She went to look
outside the cafe's door,
and to show her legs.
She was wearing a miniskirt
and red stiletto heels here.
She's a trip
{a little Harbin dramatizing
a la "The King of Hearts?}"

I said to my friends,
Shell, Krishna & Elm -
there in the Blue Room cafe-
that I have a Haiku for them -
by Basho.

So I spoke
this translation
(by Stryck)
in that unusual
blue place:

"Orchids breathing ~

Incense into ~

Butterfly wings"

MMmmm ...

In counterculture,
{and at Harbin?}
wild & natural are normal.
Going native is natural.
Take off your clothes
at Harbin and become normal.

And people -
this Harbin tribe -
this beautiful place
into a world
they want to be in and
where they want to live.

What's the code,

In this pretty, little
Harbin valley,
people take off
their clothes,
and a new ecology emerges,
beginning, this time,
in 1972, - a human ecology.

{And I start a new discipline -
seriously and rigorously -
called anthropological ecology
which brings a scientific
ecology approach
to learning about
human interaction
and communication -
about people & something called culture -
taking into account challenges
associated with studying humans,
including language, recursivity,
philosophical & epistemological rigor,
subjectivity, context,
performativity & discourse.
Human life is oft understood
in context (is this culture?), and
it's not very reducible,
as a whole.
Evolutionary biology
and primatology
complicate this study.
This scientific approach is
rooted in field work,
engages & develops
sophisticated, computer modeling -
a 3-D, interactive,
virtual world, for one -
and draws on countercultural,
as well as radical
Aristotelian, Platonic,
Herodotean, Heraclitan,
Malinowskian, Marxian
(political economy, that is)
Geertzian, Symbolic Anthropology,
Foucauldian, and
Kottakian ("Mirror for Humanity:
A Concise Introduction to
Cultural Anthropology")
assumptions, as well as examines
the significance of the state,
as well as agency.
Memes are the basic unit
of analysis and understanding:}.

To writing ethnography, and

Rip van Winkle,
himself a hippie,
awakes in New York's
Adirondacks' mountains,
(was he exploring the
relaxation response?) -
slept through the
American Revolution -
and the world in 2009
has become countercultural, agrarian, and
peace, love, happiness & social justice
spread widely.

Harbin is not
a hippie commune.
Is Harbin an ongoing
Rainbow Gathering?

Harbin is about 1960's values.

However, a global, digital,
open, free, multilingual
university & school
does find form,
in 3000 - 8000 languages,
and in around 200 nation states:
"Edit This Page" at
World University and School.

Anthropology departments
everywhere are linguistic resources.

Massachusett's Institute
of Technology-level
Evolutionary Biology,
Philosophy, Physics,
Linguistic Anthropology,
Poetry (Ph.D.s),
Juilliard School-level
composition and
musical instrument training (D.M.),
Medicine (M.D.) and
Watsu (certificate) courses
are some of the
first subjects offered,
with degrees.
Eliciting loving bliss
becomes a practice taught
and learned
at World University & School,
and all via the internet.

A Herreshoff sailboat
sails out of the
warm pool's mist ...

The relaxation response
Mmmmm …

Take off your clothes!
Head into the vision vessel ...

Into the Harbin warm pool ~
into the Harbin heart pool.

( - September 20, 2009)

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