Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flower Field: Return to Thinking about how to Elicit Love and Loving Bliss Neurophysiology

I return to thinking about how to elicit love and loving bliss ... and how to develop thinking about this that gets to this neurochemistry ...

Relaxation response in between, and contentment practice ...

How to cultivate this naturally?

What are examples?

How to get there with ease?

How might cultural anthropology inform such thinking and the possible creation of a milieu ...?


A friend asks in a social networking site that this blog streams to: "Were you asking for answers?"

Scott: Conversation leads to new ideas. :) Besides possibly the Society of Friends (Quakers) as culture, some aspects of Hindu culture (Krishna-related, for ex.), Bonobo, and MDMA (which may be a delight but is bad for the mind machinery, I think, and therefore not sustainable, all in their own ways), some music and dance, great parents' biology, and one's own DNA, all of which have kinds of integrity, but don't necessarily get to the rocking out kind of loving bliss (except mdma, perhaps), naturally, over decades, what are your thoughts? (Welcome back from Ecosse).

Scott: ... and how might we who have never been modern (Latour) cultivate the neurophysiology of loving bliss naturally, as moderns, when and as we want it?


And how might anyone teach something like this at World University & School ~

Try teaching it here ... :)

( - September 30, 2009)

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