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Island from Space: Talking About World University & School, Recent Postings in Social Networking Sites for WUaS and Webnographers

I've been talking about World University & School with folks here in Berkeley, California.


Here are some highlights from my recent postings in some social networking sites, - often first to (140 character limit), which is then forwarded to

Some examples of World University & School -

Music: (lots of music teachers here, and with web cameras and this will grow) &

Economics: & interactivity in virtual worlds like Second Life - Invitation to Teach, Learn and Add ...

Added Harvard Univ's "Yochai Benkler: After Selfishness - Wikipedia 1, Hobbes 0 at Half Time" to wiki

first significant day of rain in the SF Bay Area - feels like Reed College (in Portland, Oregon) ... consensus decision making to inform

About World Univ & School - - Teach and Learn via video (e.g. Youtube) and interactively in virtual worlds
(e.g. Second Life), & via rich, real time, multilingual and other
integration with Google Wave's platform, - with great universities & for OLPC countries & everyone

What's protocol in Bohemia? Internet protocol - let's teach this at ...

free Doctor of Education Degree at Harvard (for 25) in Fall 2010 - & WUaS is student teaching opportunity

added 'Haptics" with MIT Touch Lab bibliography as a new subject at - where you can add subjects also

Looking for native speakers to befriend in Facebook in all 3000-8000 languages. Let friends know:

Musicians: Check out Audacity & Lame for recording music, and MuseScore for composition at FREE Education Software

Back to the Harbin pools ... (is Harbin an ongoing Rainbow Gathering?) Could people teach "Harbin Hot Springs" at

How to teach and learn about this 'extraordinaire instrument de musique' - - at World University & School ... Post a course:
, - Add a subject:
What is this instrument, by the way? :)

Page of abundant fruits at World Univ & Sch educational FREEware: - invitation to add

free Doctor of Education Degree at Harvard (for 25) in Fall 2010 -
& WUaS is student teaching opportunity

started to define World Univ & Sch's 'Nation States' by adding online textbooks (Calif) to U.S.

Added Python and 'programming languages' section to EDUCATIONAL FREEWARE at

& California digital flex textbooks to LIBRARY RESOURCES

posted Academic Jobs Wiki to World Univ & Sch -

added Scots' Gaelic BBC lessons to World Univ 'Languages' and Malawi videos to 'Nation States' -

TURN ON your computer, TUNE INto the URL (web page) you want, DROP OUT anytime to to create your own ideas

Students of the World, please create in the ways you want & would like education to be, - a link and an idea at a ... time

added Harvard Page Delivery Service to - Ex. - Nicholas Statham's 1490 "Abridgement of cases to the end of Henry VI"

Added 'Discover Second Life' to for cool links

wonders whether Berkeley and other students from great universities may extraordinarily create a wiki w MIT

wonders whether a great universities' student movement will shape creatively thru their own teaching at WUaS

Just added a new Music Education section w practice tools and tutorials to World Univ & Sch

Here's a free, online 'iPhone Application Programming' course (from Stanford - 18 weeks), which I've posted to There's also a free Harvard Doctor of Education (for 25 people admitted for fall 2010) here, too.

World University & School's new Mission Statement:

: free Doctor of Education Degree at Harvard (for 25) in Fall 2010 -

& added SL assessment roundtable

will add compilers and scaling FREEWARE to's educational software soon

just added to, -an open, wiki Univ & Sch, all languages

How might World Univ facilitate kinds of chamber music betwn people besides in the music school? Bliss?

World Univ & Sch Planning Wiki on the way - stay tuned here: - open like Wikipedia w MIT OCW

there's a growing list of educational FREEWARE here at World Univ to which we can add

Languages around the world, as they get the web, will benefit from an open teaching & learning wiki

Papua New Guinea has around 670 languages, and the Democratic Republic of Congo has around 240. :) We need video capable hand held computers.

Friend who studies Welsh: I've commented on similar things b4; this would be of huge benefit. 150 or so indigenous langs. are still spoken in the U.S., though most are highly endangered if not moribund. California is blessed (or "cursed", depending on how you look at it) w/ many many langs that are individually distinct, not even related by family, yet have so very few (mostly elder) speakers. For obvious reasons "master-apprentice" teaching is the order of the day there, vs. full scale immersion schools, & yet it seems what you suggest could be immensely helpful w/ seemingly little "investment" needed. I think also of start-from-scratch "revival" efforts w/ langs. that were considered "dead" for decades or even centuries; e.g., Wampanoag in Mass. What a blessing to be able to "legitimize" these and other langs. in as visible and accessible a medium as the web.

Me: Yes, yes, yes ... another focus I'll add to the developing WUaS planning wiki, the url I'll let you know about ... Thanks ... :)

and how might we who have never been modern (Latour) cultivate the neurophysiology of loving bliss naturally, as moderns, when and as we want it?

And how might anyone teach something like this at World University & School ~

added UC Berkeley's AnthroHub to World Univ & Sch's library resources: - a Wiki w MIT OCW

Added the open National Science Digital Library & Applied Math & Science Education Repos - +

Why isn't open World Univ & Sch ( yet taking off the way Wikipedia (70 langs & 13 million arts) has?

Friend: The links often end up being more sensational then the content?

Me: What are you looking for? There's a lot of great content on the web already. For example, check out MIT OCW and for academic subjects, and instructables for how-to. Finding people who want to aggregate it is one interesting possibility at WUaS. But so is creating it - how to connect with large numbers of students from great universities who teach to their handhelds (not yet possible) as they're walking between classes? I've added a lot of similar links (written entries and edited, as well) to Wikipedia. ... Finding great content out there, or teaching to one's web cam, is like an egg or treasure hunt, or creative opportunity. Further thoughts, Rob? :)

Friend: seems like I don't need to go to world university to get to the MIT content. Wikipedia is a destination, not a clearinghouse

Me: I hope people will teach to their web cams at WUaS, like people add entries to Wikipedia. I hope that will lead to a fascinating unique learning opportunity. It will hopefully aggregate much of the great teaching and learning content on the internet, and then borrowing and articulating may occur, making already great material greater. Wikipedia is a remarkable example of group knowledge production, which I hope WUaS will become, as well.

Why not free world Degrees at Here's a Free Harvard Doctor of Education (for the 25 in program), also posted above at WUaS. Check out the huge amount of courses already, including other sites that aggregate teaching and learning material.

Here's World University & School - ... and an invitation to join the WUaS Google Group: & the Facebook group: World Univ & Sch - like Wikipedia with MIT OCW - is potentially in all languages, nation states, subjects and levels, for everyone. Scott :)

Here's a free 18 week "iPhone Application Programming" course I've posted to the open World University & School - like Wikipedia with MIT OCW - from Stanford Does anyone know of any online courses that show you how to write a FB app?

Join the World University & School Facebook Group - - I just messaged the group with A LOT of AMAZING free Teaching and Learning content, - e.g. free Harvard Doctor's degree, free MUSIC SCHOOL instruction, FREE iPhone Application Programming course from Stanford :)

Benjamin Zander inspirationally instructs a 15 year old cellist playing Bach -

Added new CELLO section to World Univ & Sch with the above instruction - - THE ART OF THE POSSIBLE :)

there's great educational FREEWARE here at World Univ & Sch a wiki to which we can add

And these resources at World Univ & Sch will grow in unexpected ways, since it's a wiki and all of us can add to it. Wikipedia, for example, has 13 million articles in 70 (175 I've since read) languages :)

added free Stanford "Computer Musings by Professor Donald E. Knuth - over 100 video lectures to Wiki

is excited to explore Google Wave's implications for for wiki, multilingual conversations educationally, +

is excited to combine Google Wave w translators for for multilingual conversations educationally

How to bring together the best of the info revolution has generated for an open e.g. See educational software

will use the VERY COOL Google Wave with World Univ:

Added free Gimp to photo editing software at World Univ & Sch's Educational FREEWARE: welcomes you to the planning group by joining a wiki w MIT OCW

Why not free Degrees worldwide at

Let's create a worldwide, open, free university and school on the internet. It's often costs which inhibit access to high quality education.

For example, here's a free Harvard Doctor of Education degree - (for the 25 people admitted to theprogram).

Why not free world Degrees at Free Harvard Doctor of Education (for the 25 in program)

added the Library of Congress to the free, "Edit this page," open -like Wikipedia with MIT OCW/ There are a lot of resources on this wiki ... Teach, Learn, Add and interactivity in virtual worlds.

The weather is great, here, Tori. And I'm making some progress on World University & School (like Wikipedia with MIT OCW), but not yet in growing a community of Universitians, - like Wikipedians. You're nice to ask ... How is your locale, university, motherhood? And happy birthday :)

added 'Nature Precedings,' and 'PubMedCentral' to and SmashWords and GapMinder to FREEWARE

added FreeBase, Mendeley to new Collaborative Knowledge Bases section & other Libraries to

added Vid Hosts 'SciVee,' 'Viddler,' & 'BioScreenCast'

Here's a good place to begin seeing some learning opportunities at World Univ & Sch - . How to elicit bliss (this neurophysiology), naturally, is an interesting question I hope to explore and develop at WUaS, as well. :)

WUaS is developing. Feel free to teach, add content, or learn. There's a lot there already. I'd like to grow significantly Universitians, like Wikipedians. I hope a lot of people will "Edit the Page."

Seeking videos that teach abt "Beings Enjoying Life" - Teach a 4 minute video to your web cam, or a many hour series, post it to the web, and link it to World Univ& Sch at this "Subject" - Any and All other creative approaches to teaching and learning this via the Web are welcome too :) (There's a budding music school at World Univ & Sch as well - - as some possible examples:). How to teach how Beings can Enjoy Life vis-a-vis a musical instrument?

added 'Index Investing' as Subject to World Univ & Sch wiki - & Jack Bogle interview w Steve Forbes

And here's the rationale for socially conscious index investing, vis-a-vis index investing -

And here's the interview with Vanguard Mutual Funds' founder -

Added free Doctor of Education program from Harvard University beginning in 2010 to World Univ & Sch -

A friend just told me about BrightTalk which allows people (Teachers) to record up to 30 minutes of video (for academic talks, for example), as well as ustream, another video site. I added them to World Univ & Sch's FREE educational software... - - an editable wiki where you can teach, learn and add content

Both video streaming sites are free

added new 'Open Access Funding' Subject at World Univ & Sch - Teach, Learn, Add courses

Re-visit the rationale (part way down) for index investing with Jack Bogle, founder of
Vanguard Mutual Funds in an interview with Steve Forbes -

World Univ & Sch's mission: Teach, Learn, Add. A wiki w great Univ for OLPCcountr

Mission: World University & School's ( - like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware) - mission is to facilitate all levels of teaching and learning opportunities (and potentially degrees, eventually) through an open, editable wiki in all languages, nation-states and subjects with great universities, and for One Laptop per Child countries and everyone.

Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, Cornell & Dartmouth announced plan for open-access pubs-see DASH:

seeking alternative to Robert's Rules of Orders for incorporating World Univ Consensus Decision Making URLs?

Friend: Greens often have a "Quaker lite" kind of process where the spiritual/theological element is absent but consensus is still striven for. You check for concerns, and if there are any, ask if any rise to a "blocking concern" that the "concerned one" feels is sufficient to "stand in the way" of passage. If so, then you fall back on a vote w/ a 2/3 threshold.

You always hope, of course, that in the preceding discussion period concerns will be ironed out in how the resolution ends up being worded/tweaked to begin with, so that everyone can already agree with the resolution once finalized and "presented". But often easier said than done, of course... :^D

If you have to make specific (election-type) choices among things, you may want to look at instant runoff voting (IRV) and/or single transferable vote (STV), essentially both the same thing for different contexts. I'm warming up, however, to "approval voting" and (not quite as much) "range voting"; let me know if u want more info.


Me: Thanks for your above suggestions. I'm looking to insert a simple, alternative 'rules of order' to Roberts,' into the Nolo Press Guide on 'How to Incorporate a Nonprofit,' with their pragmatic and useful guidelines, for board members who may be somewhat unfamiliar with the consensus process as practice, and where I'd like to be able to reach well formulated decision with expediency. Other suggestions?

Friend: Drat! I thought you'd already compiled the list of URLs--and it just happens to be precisely something I need right now! Please post an update when you get some links; I will be eagerly waiting.

Added 'Dentistry' subject and Univ of Michigan's 609 Dentistry videos to World Univ & Sch's to & Subj

World Univ & Sch is for OLPC countries ...

Looking for OLPC country Facebook friends ...

Here's a good place to begin seeing some learning opportunities at World Univ & Sch - . How to elicit bliss (this neurophysiology), naturally, is an interesting que......stion I hope to explore and develop at WUaS, as well. Check out the growing Music Learning opportunities :)

added new Banjo section & Banjo Workshop by Bill Keith to World Univ & School Wiki Teach Banjo here :)

World University & School ~ ~ is an editable wiki which has open 'Courses,' 'Subjects,' 'Languages,' (potentially all), 'Library Resources,' 'Nation States,' 'Social Network,' 'Educational FREEWARE,' 'Hardware Resource Possibilities' + more, - like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware ... Add to it, Teach here or Learn at WUaS ... interactivity in virtual worlds

added 'Natural History References' section to World Univ's editable Wiki and beautiful photos of insects and spiders

(through around September 2, 2009)


And, where I'm presently a key editor and aggregator, I've added these:

To' syllabi, I listed MIT's 24 undergraduate and 23 graduate course syllabi, and related materials in Science, Tech & Soc

added danah boyd's "Research on Twitter and Microblogging" to Wiki on virt ethnog. -

Added 'Opening Up Education: The Collective Advancement of Education. through Open Technology, Open Content, and Open Knowledge.' (MIT) to

added MIT's list of "Comparative Media Studies" Theses (67 & growing) to

Added Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Center DIALOGUE by Spence, Randy and Matthew Smith. 2009. A Dialogue on ICTs, Human Development, Growth, and Poverty Reduction - to

added "Media Worlds: Anthropology on New Terrain" to virtual ethnog wiki, accessible at Google Books


is glad the Toyota Prius 2010 has solar technologies - REDUCE CARBON OUTPUT PERSONALLY - Google Art Haines' Solar Car Infinity Miles per Gallon -


wonders whether practicing a musical instrument is like sharing a kind of meditation, not quietly on the Scottish Highland Bagpipe

Friend: Och aye, laddy!

Me: via a kind of computer code, as well :)


very funny, very funny :) - A Space Odyessy

Check out this extraordinary clip: by sand animation artist Kseniya Simonova

( - October 14, 2009)


Anonymous said...

Well, score voting (aka range voting) is just vastly superior to IRV, and somewhat better than approval voting.

Here are concrete Bayesian regret calculations that show this:

Anonymous said...

Oh, and specifically about the superiority of score voting to approval voting: