Tuesday, October 6, 2009

San Francisco Bay Area Flowers: Soundsuit, Inuit & Papua New Guinean Art, Beatle's George Harrison

San Francisco Bay Area

In the Golden Gate Park at the newly renovated de Young art museum, I saw an amazing unnamed (Soundsuit) artwork by Nick Cave in the Saxe room. It was the free day at the de Young. The building is lovely inside.


The Inuit art was also particularly beautiful.


The art from Papua New Guinea is extensive and impressive. Papua New Guinea has an amazing 700 languages.


Here's George Harrison of the Beatles

George Harrison of the Beatles talks with Dick Cavett about music, the Beatles, meditation, drugs, England, John Lennon, Indian music ... The Beatles are great ... a time capsule of and seeds for the anthropology of counterculture and information technology?

(FULL) George Harrison on the Dick Cavett Show Part 1


See, too:


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