Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No Longer Twilight: To Harbin on This Day

To Harbin on this day

It's been too long
since we've been here,
so into the pools soon
before dark comes.
Then to the dance ~
the polyrhythmic boogie
woogie ~
this Tuesday eve
in Harbin's ochre, wondrous,
cob and bale temple,
with its funky, old, curved,
ship-beamed, hat roof ~
skylighted ~
in here we shall dance ~
and then to bed, ~

on the redwood deck,
on a platform
in a tree canopy.

To Harbin ...

To Harbin on this day -
in cool, winter-is-coming,
autumn, nice-like-summers-
California weather.

Now Harbin is so beautifully quiet ~

... and good sleep
comes under the canopy :}

(http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/2009/10/no-longer-twilight-to-harbin-on-this.html - October 20, 2009)

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