Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby Anteater: Open Wiki Platform easier than Wikipedia, Secure Registrar, WUaS Info Tech and Data Plan

In developing the open, free, editable World University & School - like Wikipedia with MIT OCW, Berkeley Webcast, Open Yale Courses and where people can teach to each other - wiki-openness is what has led to the remarkable group knowledge production process in Wikipedia, but there are problems with this platform too. How to keep the group editing process easy, even simpler than Wikipedia's, develop good Content Management Systems, and have a dynamic enough platform to engage new relevant technologies make for interesting planning questions. Check out the wiki information technologies and data plan at WUAS: Eventually WUaS wants 'secure registrar' - https:// (e.g. like Vanguard Mutual Funds) and Wikipedia openness - in all 3000-8000 languages and 220-ish countries. Thoughts? Please click 'edit this page' on the plan above.

( - July 14, 2010)

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