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Spicebush Swallowtail Larva: Wilderness Oil Irony, What a disappointment Obama, WUaS Ocean and Climate Change Management Plan


When you want to prove that you really care about wilderness, or that you’re really serious about reining in the oil companies, this is how you do it!

(and posts article with this headline:)

Obama To Open Up 1.8 Million Alaskan Acres To Oil Drilling
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So much for the "New Energy Economy"


What a disappointment (I base my comment on the headline and the excerpt only). Is it that lobbies are too powerful/too enmeshed with government? Is it that the president has to horse trade in order to get ANYthing done? Are there too many burdensome, long-standing secrets and precedents that must be kept and that ultimately will overtake any calls for meaningful, paradigmatic change...?


Please add to the open, free, 'edit this page' World University & School's Ocean and Climate Change Management Plan ... gotta find a viable (Quaker / Gandhian - third way?) to keep houses warm in winter for 7 billion people ... quickly ... (

which means, in one sense - to organize effectively ( ?) to innovate with 'green' energy technologies .... because there's another 1.8 million acres 10 years ahead that might become a Gulf of Mexico after BP's oil ecological catastrophe ...


I think I'll just raise my window and jump on out now ........ This prez is about to make me lose my religion. Sorry guys, but, WTF?!!!!


‎... seems not to be acting on principle ... nonharming makes sense to me ... Marshall did write a Quakerly Stewardship of the Earth pamphlet in 1987-ish


Here’s a YouTube video (a very short one) that sums it all up: Obama: !

While I greatly appreciate your remembering my early efforts, Scott, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I feel I ought to clarify the record just a little.

I have never advocated the concept of “stewardship of the Earth... See More”; I have repeatedly said, in public, that it is a concept that is non-Biblical, non-Quaker, and unconsciously arrogant, that because of its unconscious arrogance it does more harm than good, and that it really ought to be abandoned.

You can certainly be pardoned for not remembering that — after all, I have never been more than a very small voice in the world of Friends, and it has been a long, long, *long* time since that pamphlet was written. But I hope you will understand that this is a point that matters to me.

The pamphlet I wrote (“In Defense of the Peaceable Kingdom”) called for an extension of our Friends testimony to environmental matters, but did not do so in terms of “stewardship”.

I am happy to say that the extension of our Friends testimony to environmental matters is indeed happening — not nearly as quickly as is needed, but still, the fact that it is happening at all is *good* —




I may be out in the sea on a boat by myself here, but I am a strong believer in our stewardship of the Earth. If we as humans are not morally responsible, who will be?


Post, and synthesize, such great ideas, teaching and learning resources to open, free, editable World Univ & Sch's 'Solar Energy' page, and in other conversations, that fossil fuel use becomes more expensive than solar energy in modern society? -

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