Friday, July 2, 2010

Bonobo Communication: The internet is a chimp hoot - in what ways can we make it a loving chimp hoot?

The internet is a chimp hoot - in what ways can we make it a loving chimp hoot? ...

... since we - Homo sapiens - are in many ways fairly similar to chimpanzees, both common chimps (Pan troglodytes) and Bonobo chimps (Pan paniscus), especially when compared with most of the other estimated 3-100 million species. Homo sapiens can symbolize in sophisticated ways - including via the internet - thanks originally, probably, to the development of the larynx evolutionarily (Deacon 1997). (Chimps use computers - for example, see the TED Talk by Bonobos reseacher Sue Savage-Rumbaugh entitled "Susan Savage-Rumbaugh: Apes that write, start fires and play Pac-Man" - and there are probably some chimps that communicate over the internet, too).

Can we learn to make it more of a 'Bonobo chimp' hoot (peaceable, egalitarian, very sexual & matriarchal - behaviors selected for by evolutionary biology), rather than a 'common chimp' hoot (with their violence, aggression and war, also behaviors selected for by evolutionary biology in this species), with which humans with all of our wars seem to share some affinities. But humans can learn in sophisticated ways, and especially symbolically.

(Here's the World University & School Primatology subject:

What would a loving human chimp hoot look like, and on the internet and via other media, as well? {It would probably involve nonviolence as culture}.


Chimp Hoot: Face-to-face Teaching & Learning is great, familiar & social. Avatar-to-avatar Teaching & Learning will facilitate symbol & idea exchange but in different ways


Another photo of Bonobos communication

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