Thursday, July 22, 2010

Primate troopbonding: A thought abt sociocultural processes: these include troopbonding, rooted in evolutionary biology, language, & re: loving bliss

A thought about culture / sociocultural processes

Cultural processes include troopbonding rooted in evolutionary biology (Money 1988), culture including language, connecting (& yoga) including the bond part, - which all constellate together; And how might these influence / inform very friendly, skillful musicians exploring loving bliss improvisationally?

A friend writes:


I don't know exactly what you mean, but I like to hear you talk.


... a little abstract, but you might read it as a response to "What is culture?" plus how might it work in people's lives, if engaged somehow directly ... :)


Could musicians engage these cultural processes to elicit the neurophysiology of loving bliss, explicitly, and/or become aware of these processes to relax away from problematic aspects of them, when they occur?


Is culture a "milieu's 'code'"? - all interesting thought-provoking words ...


Sociocultural anthropology neither explicitly engages troopbonding (Money 1988) as concept, nor evolutionary biology theoretically - cool opportunity ... & here at

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