Friday, July 30, 2010

Fimbristylis capillaris: "Nicholas Negroponte Welcomes India's $35 Tablet for Education," WUaS Medical School, Climate Forecasts, Museums at WUaS

added "Nicholas Negroponte Welcomes India's $35 Tablet for Education" article, with his ideas about learning, in two places at World Univ & Sch: "Theories of Learning" subject -
- and Hardware Resource Possibilities -


Budding Medical School at World University: added NYT's "Getting Into Med School Without Hard Sciences" -
World Univ & Sch is a wiki - like Wikipedia with MIT OCW - Teach, Learn , Add, Create.


World Univ & Sch ... added NYT's 'Lessons From Two Important Climate Forecasts' here:


Added to World Univ & Sch: American Museum of Natural History - I think we'll add Most
Online Museums in World here ... and this will become a Big Collection

( - July 30, 2010)

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