Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bighorn sheep: ... called the cops when I saw all this violence between some indians and cowboys fighting in some box on a wall in a bar :)

... called the cops when I saw all this violence between some indians and cowboys fighting in some box on a wall in a bar :)

(... where do these amazing robots come from? How does culture produce such fine training (professional athletes, for example), and pay them so well ... and classical musicians at the symphony-level, too? And what's with all the spectators? ... mighty strange doings these days ... )

'officer,' I said, ... 'it looks like war, and total, team violence ... they're going at each other head on .... one gets wounded right after another' ... and then I looked at a different box on the wall in that bar ....

officer said, 'son, that's normal around here ... we only go in when a spectator walks onto the field ... they aren't beating each other up ... they're creating pleasure for each other and the onlookers. Thing is, they like to hit and get hit hard, real hard ... the harder the better ...

That's why society makes guns so easily available, but not toys, or cars - it makes our jobs as officers more fun - I mean around 160 officers die every year - and we know it when we go into the job ... but we like it, and ' course we get to carry guns - and legally, too ... son, our culture produces violence, and we're the proud bearers of the gun ... son, we can't stop those cowboys and indians from whacking each other ... '

(Me: Why so much 'robotic' behavior in society, which doesn't revolve around bliss, for example? Are these football players more Pan troglodytes {common chimps} than Pan paniscus (Bonobo chimps)-like to recall species ( that are closest to us? Does culture produce kinds of robots ... e.g. classical musicians in great orchestras and professional football players ( What are similar, sophisticated techniques for bliss elicitation ... MDMA like ... for wonderful mixes of oxytocins, endorphins, seratonins, dopamine, heightened levels of four neurotrophins, - i.e. NGF, BDNF, NT-3, and NT-4, associated with Romantic love (Emanuele et al., 2005) ... naturally and knowledge-based? Can we develop as sophisticated techniques for eliciting loving bliss as skillful classical musicans and football players learn, and more so?)


The Primatology subject at WUaS is growing -

Sue Savage-Rumbaugh's Bonobo research is particularly fascinating (videos, TED Talk, papers) ... invitation to edit & teach at WUaS.

( - January 13, 2011)

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