Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nudibranchi: WUaS Planned Degrees, in English - B.A. Law, MD., PhD, Some matriculating classes starting in 2014, Open, WUaS SUBJECTS ' for CREATIVITY

WUaS is first planning 4 online degrees in English - B.A. Law, M.D., Ph.D. - with some matriculating classes starting in 2014, with interaction in virtual worlds (with MIT OCW).

A big vision, WUAS is also planning to be a meta wiki directory of free, (great), online teaching and learning resources in ALL 3000-8000 languages, with some degrees in these languages (50-100 other medical and law schools, also in virtual worlds). As wiki, WUaS facilitates people teaching to people, via Youtube, for example.

‎... and also focuses on great universities' open course ware -

The open, WUaS SUBJECTS' page offers a LOT of possibilities for CREATIVITY ... add a new subject you're interested in, want to teach or learn about ... ...

( - January 16, 2011)

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