Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bracken fiddlehead: World Univ & Sch is creating OPPORTUNITIES - Teaching & learning-wise with wiki, free-Degree-wise, & Job-wise, Step-By-Step

World University & School is creating OPPORTUNITIES -

teaching & learning-wise with wiki,

degree-wise with free degrees planned,

and job-wise ... WUaS would like to hire a lot for this World University

See the FREE Harvard doctoral degree in education on the WUaS courses' page. ...

How great can we make WUaS together?


35,000 applicants to Harvard College for class of '15 - - World University & School would/will WELCOME some of these great students ...

I think a Freshman Harvard class these days is around 1700 students.


World Univ & Sch ... step by step ...

WUaS incorporated last April 2010,

received its Federal Employer ID # in July ...

Some matriculating classes planned for 2014 (BA, BS, Law, MD, PhD) in interactive, virtual worlds

- and it is open, free, editable like Wikipedia with MIT OCW - ... with enjoyment

( - January 22, 2011)

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