Monday, January 3, 2011

Lake Sabrina: Added new Jazz subject to WUAS, The bud of a Nanotechnology Subject, Sivakami's Poetry Email Group, WUaS Poetry Subject

Added new Jazz subject to WUAS - with a MIT OCW course on how to compose Jazz, and a great musical session from Harlem


Check out the bud of a Nanotechnology Subject at World Univ & Sch - - and all the other great subjects at WUaS, ... where you can teach & learn & create & play, simply by adding a new subject, for example :)


Subscribe to this Yahoo Poetry group - - for some beautiful poetry in your email. Sivakami Velliangiri, a main poet and editor, whom I know a little bit, lived in Santa Cruz, Calif., some decades ago, and now lives at home in Chennai, India :)

added this to World Univ & Sch's Poetry subject:


Free culture ... ... like Wikipedia with MIT OCW ... with a music school where we can all WIKI teach, learn, add, create, make music &jam ...

( - January 3, 2011)

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