Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alaska river web: An eternal golden braid at WUaS? Check out the Goedel, Escher, Bach subject w 3 mini-courses from MIT, Stanford & Michigan, SCORES


An eternal golden braid? Check out the Goedel, Escher, Bach subject with 3 mini-courses from MIT, Stanford & Michigan (it's amazing what's out there:):,_Escher,_Bach

Just starting to read GEB ....

A canon (musical) is a theme which is played against itself.

Bach created very beautiful ones.

WUaS as an eternal golden braid which we all can weave?

GEB is a very beautiful idea book ...

Let's weave a lot of ideas together at WUaS, musically & playfully (at the Music School :)

Need to find a copy of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier v-a-v GEB

... I'll bet it's online (from before copyright) & will add, or find, at


... GEB was written while Hofstadter was at Stanford (parallel ethoses?) in the late 70s


Got that book as a teen, on the advice of my father. WAY over my head back then--I labored mightily to make it halfway through. But the trio of G, E and B practically demands that I take it off the shelf, dust it off, and try again. If you have any advice on the proper mind-set with which I should approach it, Scott, that'd be swell.


I'm captivated by the beginning

... and find it actually very accessible (and beautiful & logical)

... see if it engages you

... I learned piano from ages 6-12 so will see if I can add that line of code to my reading (it's 700 pages long) -

GEB starts with Bach

- but I'd like to teach harmony to my kids when they come along and GEB seems like a very beautiful way into this

... shall we compare notes here along the way, as another form of engaging? :)


Comparing notes feels right. As I'm away from my "library" for the next few months, I'll visit some Pittsburgh indie bookstores to locate a copy. While a few of my favorite booksellers from years past are gone now, I have come across a some new shops worthy of support. Which is nice to see in any city.


Here's the Well-Tempered Clavier by Bach,_BV_B_25_%28Busoni,_Ferruccio%29

- for free at the International Music Score Project accessible here at World Univ & Sch in Library Resources -

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