Monday, February 7, 2011

Plant Cells: Generating virtual Harbin itself raises questions of ethnographic authority, Who will be 'natives' or first, Harbin residents & visitors

Harbin ethnography:

... For those interested, generating, and engaging, a rich, ethnographic, textual conversation about Harbin, as well as inviting other Harbin residents to write their own, is one way of engaging some of the problematics of ethnographic authority.

Generating virtual Harbin itself raises other questions of ethnographic authority, as well as questions of who will be 'natives' or first, Harbin residents and visitors, in this most recent, upcoming version of virtual Harbin. Emerging from the discourse of anthropology and the concept of, and experience with, the concept 'field site' as place in this discipline, my interest, as an ethnographer of Harbin, in generating a relatively topographical accurate virtual Harbin from the Second Life-cartoonesque perspective (building on the first virtual Harbin which was stolen with my knapsack in June 2009) raises multiple, methodological questions about ethnographic authority. While I've built some objects in Second Life, I may well seek to hire someone to build this virtual Harbin. I would like to anticipate, too, it fitting into any budding, topographically-accurate, northern California, and whole earth, virtual world, which I have not yet heard of, but which would further inform many aspects of ethnographic authority vis-a-vis the generation of this virtual Harbin as ethnographic field site in Second Life or Open Simulator ( In many ways, the generators, and ongoing creators, of virtual Harbin, as a kind of virtual-Harbin family, will be its natives, as well as Harbin residents and visitors, and thus included in this actual/virtual Harbin ethnography.

Part II: An Ethnography of Harbin as Counterculture Emerging from Modernity

In chapter 4, entitled 'Place and Time,' I examine ethnographically the significance of geographical place – the Harbin valley, its waters, and northern California – in terms of sociocultural processes there. ...

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