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Orangutan baby on mother: A definition of AGENCY (poeto-philosophically) 'I do choose to write the muse of bliss unfolding,' Neurophysiology vav MDMA

A definition of AGENCY (poeto-philosophically)

'I do choose to write the muse of bliss unfolding' :

... ('poetidefinition'? - the poem itself as definition? :)

(... this poem gets me 'there,' to bliss, a little, too :)


... individual, (bodymind) choosing,

writing/language to effect choice,

{choosing bliss},

the Grateful Dead's group bliss choice, as individuals-rock musicians, in society & making money,

Jerry's choosing with awareness to jam so musically coming to 'space,'

choosing to analyze and think about this,

choosing to focus on & generate NEW ways / understandings to access this neurophysiology,

choosing to write (beginning) poetry about how to elicit bliss, in the context of music and traveling ...

involving a sense of freedom

(there's freedom at Harbin ( - agency ... explored in going there, in the above poem),

(and in the context of pairbonding and troopbonding, and the idea of bodymind - viz. John Money's Concepts of Determinism,

and so many understandings of culture,

and in a loose context of a psychological, philosophical and societal discourse about 'agency')

are some of what I mean by agency,

'poeto-philosophically' ... :)

‎... and by neurophysiology,

I have bodymind chemistry in mind,

which MDMA has an effect on (about 75% of folks, I've heard),

to produce 'affective euphoria,'

and loving bliss, in some ways,

self-experienced and enjoyed,

and potentially scientifically measurable (fMRIs?),

in a way that reflects the individual's experience, and what they might say about this ...

The related 'loving bliss' neurophysiological states I'm interested in, however,

as qualities,

are elicitable naturally

(with music, for example)

... as a beginning definition.

Loving bliss is one of the best experiences in life ...

Let's choose it :)


Added new WUaS subject page on Agency (philosophical and sociological) - - with links to those subject pages, too (related:

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