Friday, February 4, 2011

Ladyslipper Orchid: New, editable WUaS Language subject page - SCOTTISH GAELIC - with lessons from the BBC & a few, open teaching & learning resources

New, editable WUaS Language subject page - Scottish Gaelic -

with lessons from the BBC and a few, beginning, free, open teaching and learning resources - -

and accessible from the WUaS Langauges' page,

with 3000-8000 languages planned -


Here's the editable WUaS Bagpipe Tutorial page:


While WUaS is a startup, it's through wiki-collaboration with organizations like, for example,

BBC Scottish Gaelic lessons (,

MIT OCW's 2000 courses (, and

the Goethe Institute
( and -
with its free, interactive, 6-days-a-week-conversation classes, and one lesson a week, in Second Life with a real person -

that WUaS will grow.


WUaS is planning to move toward a more Wikipedia-like wiki, with handheld computer access, in the future.

( - February 4, 2011)

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