Sunday, September 25, 2011

Caves of Aggtelek Karst, Slovakia: A LOT of Advantages in having 50-100 WUaS, online Medical Schools, Law Schools, Clinical Trials, Net Neutrality

There are a LOT of potential advantages in having

50-100 WUaS, online medical schools and hospitals

(as well as law schools

in 50-100 countries,

to the degree that this contributes beneficially to society,

under one umbrella - -

which WUaS is planning for.

Check out the hospital in SL above.


International, online clinicial trials for drug testing, is one example ...


added new Network Neutrality wiki subject to World Univ & Sch - -

which you can also access at the Law School -

with an invitation to add related wiki teaching and learning resources.

( - September 27, 2011)

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