Wednesday, September 28, 2011

East Rennell, Solomon Islands: Further explore how to Play Landscapes in Bodyminds like Notes, A key to feeling really good, and great bodymind health

If we might begin to explore further how to play landscapes

(like the Harbin Hot Springs' pool area)

in our bodyminds as we might play musical scores on an instrument,

how would this work,

in great detail, sophistication, - and musically

(so that we might rock out regularly and naturally, ~ trippily, even)?

Here are some, beginning, specific approaches - :)

{especially "Guidelines for Practicing Loving Bliss vis-à-vis
Practicing a Musical Instrument
" -}


A key to feeling really good,

and great bodymind health,

is an hour of movement/exercise a day.

How to make this as enjoyable as getting in the Harbin warm pool,

and potentially with more variety?

(Beings' Enjoying Life ...

- here, too: - ...

is this the correct subject for this question?)

( - September 28, 2011)

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