Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blue Grouse: On the road to Harbin ... Naked Anthropologist in Lotus

On the road to Harbin ...
Naked Anthropologist in Lotus

To Heartsong on his birthday

On the road to Harbin
I lost cell phone contact
with my friend,
in Napa, in autumn,
on a gloriously sunny day.

She told me of a
Nigerian Marimba singer,
with great voice,
who may join their band,
and, very happily, too, of a book
"The Ecstasies of a Lunatic Farmer,"
which might be a nice gift
for Yogini Angelini.

Right out of the '60s, it seems ...
right on ...

Bubbling over, she herself,
my friend up north,
is flowing ecstasy in
the rhythms of the land,
of her little, paradise farmlet,
while connecting with raising livestock,
and the wholeness of it all.

The signal dropped again and again,
as I tried to say something about
U.S. universal health care
on the phone,
and World University & School,
along that curvy road.

The day was so illuminated in Napa,
with the vineyards
browning on the ground,
... Beaujolais must abound around
(but I basically don't drink).

Came to Harbin,
with new folks at the Gate,
drove far in, parked,
set up my car camp,
and wandered along that
somewhat random, Village Path, -

for Harbin's village
isn't really a village,
but could be,
(it's just a little row of houses) -

where I met, at start,
a very beautiful woman,
near the bridge,
coming the other way,
dressed only in a green towel,
with beautiful, bare legs,
a harbinger of the pool area
at path's end, to come.

Under the grape arbor,
Off with my clothes, and
Into the warm pool first,
warmth simply
welcoming you in,
again & again, ...

Anthropologist as naked meditator,
sitting cross-legged in full lotus,
which roots you perfectly down,
in those waters,
onto pool bottom,
head just above the water's surface,
like a flower,
in the Harbin warm pool ...
'tis a new way of
thinking of,
of imagining 'the anthropologist'
... Still ...
relaxation response,
connecting with the vibe
of the waters,
the vibe of the warm pool,
of the naked soakers,
some cuddling,
of the beauty of nudity
with participant observation,

and then writing ...
... anthropologically?

Field work as pool play ... yes.

Watsu ~~~

Connecting in the warm pool,
no dropped signals here,
warm watery welcome home,
in this place of beauty,
of harmonizing oneness,
of attraction, intimacy & nudity ...
of unfolding vision,
of peace in water.

(http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/2011/09/blue-grouse-on-road-to-harbin-naked.html - September 20, 2011)

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