Thursday, September 15, 2011

Golden Mountains of Altai, Russia: Copyright subject at WU Law School, Many, high tech, MIT OCW-related jobs at WUaS, CodeAcademy, WUaS New Society?

New, wiki Copyright subject at World Univ & Sch -

with links to the beginnings of WU Law School - -

and much more, with an invitation to add resources about Copyright.

Creative Commons Law and Patenting wiki subjects, all linked to the WU Law School, to come ...


While World Univ & Sch plans to create many academic, high tech jobs (MIT OCW related), there's an unique opportunity at this startup university, with the ongoing development of the internet, to further questions of eliciting joy and loving bliss neurophysiology vis-a-vis Music and Academia ('flow" +) , and interactive virtual worlds :) ( and as wiki ... it's unfolding ...


Free, giveaway drum set (3 drums, cymbals - for rock & roll) in front of the Canyon, California, post office (near Berkeley). There's a kind of Rainbow sharing circle here, with lots of good stuff, sometimes. Let me know (if you live in the B.A.) if you want it. ( - potentially for instruction & jamming :).

‎... the drums are already gone from Canyon ... but let's explore making music online :) ...


added CodeAcademy's free computer coding classes -

and mentioned here - -

to World Univ & Sch's Courses:

(also here - )

(see WUaS's free Educational Software, too:


The 'Happiness,' 'Loving Bliss Eliciting,' the 'Beings Enjoying Life' wiki subjects + at World Univ & Sch are gradually GROWING - ... with links to related ones ... there's a lot of possibility here, from many different perspectives :) How to become very happy, in the now, simply by visiting this WUaS page, watching a video, accessing knowledge about a subject ...


"Nobody - not just from the left, but from anywhere - has come forward and tried to grab the public imagination with a vision of a different way to organise and manage society." - - (How about an open, free university and school in all languages, like Wikipedia with MIT OCW, where we can all teach and learn to each other, as well - of which these are the beginnings - ?)

( - September 15, 2011)

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