Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tubbataha Reefs, Philippines: WUaS Donor Base, WUaS Job creation with stimulus, WUaS Plans for Medical Record Privacy in its I.T., Visual Anthropology

To create this free, online, educational resource, with free degrees, in all Languages, -

WUaS would like to find

UC Berkeley, student, native speakers, as interns, for example.

For this WUaS needs to grow our DONOR BASE.

The value of free, online WUaS universities,

with f/Friendly MIT OCW 'values,'

all over the world, are innumerable -

for democracy & benefits to citizens, to name two -

and with free, online Law & Medical (& Music) Schools, as well as Ph.D.s & Bachelors' equivalents.


World Univ & Sch could easily create 100,000 US jobs in 2 - 5 years with the right kind of fiscal stimulus, at a time when jobs will buoy the economy - ... will look to add this to WUaS's Economics' subject - - and MIT OCW-informed education & free degrees at WUaS is all about INNOVATION through info tech conversation.


World Univ & Sch's 1st matriculating Bachelors' class of possibly 100 students in 2014 would like to generate online community (intellectual, especially) in far-reaching ways, perhaps building on something like Reed College's place-based community, just as WUaS would like to further the Conference Method (see subject here - which Reed also holds central to its learning process.


Medical breach of privacy in Stanford University Hospital emergency room (20,000 records) - - World University and School's developing beginnings of an online Medical School - along with student transcripts will emphasize security and privacy, information technologically.


Visual Anthropology? I'm developing World Univ & Sch, which is like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware, and its wiki Subjects' page is open, for example, as one 'structure.' Here's WUaS's current Anthropology subject page, as an example: ... We could all simply start a new Visual Anthropology subject page here at the extensible WUaS Subjects' page - - and create this together. Eventually, as WUaS accredits to offer free, online degrees (Bachelors, Ph.D., Law and MD), the academic subjects may become the bases for departments. MIT OCW is the academic standard WUaS will engage for accreditation. There's a lot of room for creativity here at WUaS, and we'd like to engage the Conference Method (, like Reed's, in virtual worlds, for undergraduate degrees, with the 1st matriculating class in 2014. I'd love to talk further with folks interested in World University & School, too.

( - September 8, 2011)

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