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Gough and Inaccessible Islands, UK: "How does my university, or country, (or how do I) become a member of World University & School?", Yale Payscale

"How does my university, or country, (or how do I) become a member of World University & School?"

World University and School makes degree programs and course content (MIT OCW-focused) available to universities, through a developing membership program, open to universities, countries, 'languages,' and other interested parties. Send an email to ... (from WUaS's FAQs ...


WUaS is planning to accredit on MIT Open Course Ware in California, with the same organization that accredits Stanford and Berkeley, to offer free, Bachelor, Ph.D., Law and Medical degrees, online in interactive virtual worlds, using the conference method, (vis-a-vis Reed College), with MIT as the academic standard. Face-to-face education is certainly familiar, but books have been a basis for learning since Gutenberg, and interactive virtual worlds like Second Life, offer remarkable classrooms. WUaS is excited to collaborate with MIT OCW, and then differentiate over years. WUaS is seeking academic overachievers, who might otherwise go to Stanford, Harvard, MIT, etc. Here's a free doctoral degree at Harvard in education at WUaS - - but in Cambridge, MA ... folks who are interested would apply by this December ... :)


Startup, free, open World University & School - like Wikipedia with MIT OCW (with free degrees planned with a MIT academic standard) - plans to wiki-aggregate on its Library Resources' page - - all open, free, online libraries, including the Digital Public Library of America, (and eventually in all 3,000-8,000 languages - Wikipedia is in 281 languages, for comparison). WUaS is planning our first matriculating Bachelor's degree class in 2014. Is there a way WUaS could opt into any library programs you know of, such as JSTOR-access? -Scott


Here's a letter to the Chronicle of Higher Education, and an overview of World University and School - - vis-a-vis other online universities, from July 14, 2011, with an invitation to edit a wiki, WUaS page - - and contribute to the conversation of creating a worldwide, online, interactive university, the way you would like it.


In what ways to design for, develop, and innovate with, at World University & School, Siri-like software (voice recognition software on the new iPhone which answers questions and provides information using natural language and an intelligent understanding, not just of words, but of context and colloquial phrasing) on the Google Android side of things, as well, especially in the Music School - and also in Subjects -

... and especially for all 3,000-8,000 languages, and the universal translator World University and School is planning ...


World University & School, following Yale University, would like to move toward these kinds of pay scales, for example - - for online, free, interactive university, in addition to these wiki subjects "WUaS Job hunting" - and "Finding / creating a job you really love" - ... :)

... and starting with these WUaS Intern positions - ...


A whole series of new MIT OCW published - & :) ... am adding this one to World Univ & Sch's - - subject ...

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