Saturday, October 1, 2011

Iberian lynx: Bagpiping to Harbin - A Loving Wedding

Bagpiping to Harbin - A Loving Wedding

I played a wedding gig
in SF's East Bay, -

where music happened -

and drove off,
right after,
to Harbin,
to play at another
singing, 'kirtan' wedding,
turning left on
the Silverado trail, and
into Napa Valley.

Just then,
two motocyclers passed me,
and one popped
a big, ride-it-high wheely, -
hot-dogging free.

Soon after
I called my cosmic friend
up north,
who didn't answer,
so I left a message,
about this previous poem ~ ~
and then came upon
a profusion of cosmos blooms
flowering by the side of the road.
O' purple synchronicity.

Car broke down
a little farther on, -

'check engine light,'
no coolant, -

so got a ride, -
car, me and all, -
to Calistoga,
for some cooling fluid,
and drove on.
(Where is that solar car ...
to reverse global warming?)

Came to Harbin,
checked in as
a wedding guest,
and heard a Marimba band
playing in the Temple, -
polyrhythmic enjoyment,
from Santa Cruz,
which I've blogged about
here before.

Fall is in the air, and
this evening is
cool, in a while.
O the light
at Harbin is beautiful.

What is this place
called Harbin?
It looks, to me, like a
hippie commune,
but it's not, and
neither is it a country club,
nor a university campus,
(but it could be either),
although there is
a little Watsu school here,
and there's talk of a
New Age University
(both in the recent, last,
Summer 2011, Harbin Quarterly, and
in the 1996 "Living the Future" pamphlet), -
and very alternative, indeed.
A hotel, yes it is, in part, and
a New Age center, and home,
for many, - yes.
An ashram, and two churches,
Heart Consciousness Church,
and New Age Church of Being,
yes, - it is all three,
the latter two, legally.
And - nature - it's a valley with
geothermally heated waters
flowing freely from the ground, -
absolutely -
and this makes Harbin
nude beautiful,
and helps turn it into hippie communitas ...
Hmmm ... yes.

And yes, most simply,
it's a hot springs'
retreat center,
with many,
long-time residents,
who make up this community, -
where, with a lot of visitors, too,
all here together be.

The natural light on my car,
in the night, is mutifaceted,
what a trip, -
as is the light on the ground,
near the driver's door,
and so is the light on the roof.
What illumination!

And Angela may be here,
at the close of her
women's yoga retreat, -
nay, in the middle of it ...
I see some familiar faces,
from previous courses.

The pools soothe,
yet I have a cough,
so don't linger
in them long.

To bed, to rise tomorrow
to play bagpipe for a wedding
of Harbin friends I love.

The wedding is merry,
with warmth and radiance,
where the groom invited us all to sing,
again and again,
and then sang himself -
rock and roll love,
he sang it forth -
while she beamed, ...
both so happy at
connecting in this way,
among we hippy friends.

( - October 1, 2011)

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