Saturday, October 1, 2011

Vredefort Dome, SA: WUaS is Technical, Computer Science, Engineering, Math & Science-oriented, MIT OCW, Humanities/Social Science, Law, Medicine

World Univ & Sch is a technical,
( ...)

computer science,


mathematics &

science-oriented university & school,

with its focus on MIT OCW,

as well as having a rich


( and

social science focus -

and much more, academically - .

In addition to Bachelors and Ph.D.s,

WUaS will also offer free, online, interactive

Law and

Medical degrees

beginning this decade.

( - October 1, 2011)


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I'm really into I.T. stuff...just found your blog. I'm gonna bookmark it for easy reference. Thanks for posting! Us geeks NEED stuff like this hahah.

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