Monday, February 13, 2012

Santos lobster: WUaS in High School as well, IB, It seems like the COUNTRY YOU'RE INTERESTED IN is another country to add to WUaS ...

World University & School's main, free, degree focus

is at the college/university level,

accrediting on MIT Open Course Ware,

and in as many as 50-100 languages - /

countries -

But as World Univ & Sch moves toward accreditation,

and potentially in conjunction with Quakers/F/friends,

especially in the SF Bay Area,

WUaS would also accredit at the high school level

for free, online International Baccalaureates (IBs) /

CA high school degrees (which are already free on the ground),

on MIT OCW High School - -

AP (Advanced Placement) Computer Science (high school) classes will be central to WUaS High School.

This MIT OCW High School accreditation process for WUaS will probably be in English only.


WUaS wants to become a significant employer, worldwide.


It seems like the COUNTRY YOU'RE INTERESTED IN - like Transnistria (or Transdniestria, or the Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic) - is another country to add to wiki World University and School from its Nation States' page - - which then could become a university/school in relevant languages. WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware.

(Moldova is already listed here at WUaS 'Nation States').

Please let folks know, and let me know of people there who might want to help develop it.


Are they on Google Plus ?

The main World University and School email address is,

and here's the G+ page - (


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