Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Barbary sheep: out-competing each other into the unlikely-to-win-against-Obama category

Hi M,

I'm traveling vicariously with you and enjoying it.

They (Romney and Santorum) seem to be out-competing each other into the unlikely-to-win-against-Obama category. I much prefer other verbs than 'compete,' because I don't get much joy (or bliss) from it ('flow,' absorbed mind - sometimes, but not bliss, and especially not loving bliss), but those two seem to be making a potentially easy job of winning for Obama, even as gas prices go up to the highest I've seen them ($4.17 - 4.50 per gallon) … which may be the only way to address global warming chaos, seeing as the world isn't doing much about this yet. (Obama is struggling with the budget deficit these days, as well).

Music and travel are much more enjoyable to focus on than political competitions, in my book, ... but I'm writing one about Harbin, the warm pool of which is even more enjoyable with music and traveling to, where, fortunately, political competitions don't feature :) ... but not as fun as visiting NZ once in a while.



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