Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Venus: O, for bandwidth for a real time, ALL instruments / ALL languages / ALL countries' Music School, Online Realtime Music Collaboration & Tuners

O, for bandwidth for a real time,

ALL instruments / ALL Languages / ALL countries

(each instrument a wiki page, to begin)

Music School ...

(teaching and learning a musical instrument, by playing music in one direction - playing, or listening to someone, on a bagpipe practice chanter, for example - works pretty well on video these days)

... patience, patience, patience

... and for online jamming :)

We probably need 1000s of times the bandwidth that folks who currently have fast bandwidth have

... ...


Here are two, software resources I just found for Online Realtime Music Collaboration:

A) and


Cool!!! ...

will add them to some World University & School Music pages - and and ... :)

Looking to sing, and make music together, online ...

hope Google or similar incorporates this into a Hangout etc. :)


I found this musical instrument tuner online. It seems to work pretty well, and is cool - - and two others. I added these to WUaS's Music School - - and the Music - - subject as well.

(I also added them to the Bagpipe Tutorials' page -


Real time digital communication for teaching and learning is 'here' in a myriad of ways:

For example, I'm

1) taking an online bagpipe course with PM Jack Lee (with Adobe Connect, with the instructor streaming in real time video) and

2) giving bagpiping lessons (mostly with Skype on video, but also in a G+Hangout), as well as

3) facilitating an open, free Music Playing space (in a Google + Hangout), and

4) furthering my German through the Goethe Institute's conversation hour (in Second Life, with group text chat and group voice chat) these days ...

These information technologies are working pretty well for video and interactivity, and with groups.


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