Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nautilus: A beauty of the Psychiatry subject at WUaS, Medical School, WUaS Counseling, Language, Longevity

A beauty of the Psychiatry subject -

at the WUaS Medical School (with its first matriculating class in around 2018) - -

as this develops,

is that it will privilege talk therapy over pharmaceuticals,

simply because prescriptions in the online WUaS Medical School will be more complicated / less easy,

than in a place-based Medical School ...

Ideas invited for WUaS's Counseling, wiki page -

(which right now has only a Re-evaluation Counseling - RC - link) ...

as well as for the upcoming Academic Advising page ...

(I'm very glad we're inheritors of a medical practice of psychiatry, and attempting to bring reason to questions of mental illness and to healthy minds / bodyminds, although there's much possible development in the field ahead. I'm also glad how people will have more and more access to online, interactive, face-to-face counseling in video like Skype, thanks to the internet).

Language is potentially remarkable - -

for people helping people ... :)


Longevity and evidence? ...

Calorie restriction from Wikipedia,

per Cornell research across species beginning in the 1930s ... ...

More resources here at World University & School - ...


Lisa Walford, Roy's daughter, is a long time CR person and yoga teacher. Her book, The Longevity Diet, is worth a look.


Thanks ... saw the Calorie Restriction page in FB on your page ... will have a look!


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