Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Highland cattle: If you stop eating meat, or eat considerably less meat, you will live a longer, healthier life, 2 big, Harvard studies

If you stop eating meat, or eat considerably less meat, you will live a longer, healthier life with less risk of cancer and heart disease. Two Harvard Medical School studies followed 120,000 people for a few decades, checking in every 4 years on individuals' diets.


Dr. Greger of Cornell University (http://www.veganmd.org/bio.html) summarizes their findings here. .... will add to WUaS's Food and Nutritution wiki subject ... http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Foods_and_Nutrition ... (Thanks, MK)

yay for veganism

MacLeod Pacific Region:

Do have to be careful about protein intake, but it can be done. My daughter is doing it, does make it a bit of a challenge in the mixed eating household!


Thanks ... I was a vegetarian from ages 16-26, eating few eggs (Laurel's Kitchen Vegetarian cookbook with nutrition tables came out around 1976), too, and am basically a vegetarian now (for about 8 years) but eating eggs daily (great protein) ... with a history of heart disease on my father's side of the family, too, ... getting blood work done for risk factors whatever one's diet makes eminent sense ... good on your daughter :) It's so easy these days to be a vegetarian and get good nutrition, especially in California ... we have so much more knowledge than even 40 years ago ... yea for such Harvard longitudinal studies. :)

Heart disease is still the biggest cause of death, I think, in the whole developed world, compared with all other diseases ... yummy fats, is a key hypothesis :)

I take a multi-vitamin for B12s and iron, as well ... I'm also a vegetarian partly due to the principle of nonharming

(MacLeod Pacific Region, I also like Henderson's Vegetarian Restaurant in Edinburgh at 94 Hanover Street, off of Prince's Street, as well as all those little natural foods stores there ... http://www.hendersonsofedinburgh.co.uk/ ... Have you or M eaten there? :)


Scotland / Alba ‎'Highland Cattle', The McManus, Dundee, 18 March 2012.




may add to http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Scotland


Free, online, video talk from Scotland tomorrow: The ‘sturdy mountaineer’ in 19th Century Norwegian and Scottish history and literature ... http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Scotland ... great sharing of ideas between academics via the Internet ...
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