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Norðurljós: Scottish independence articles, Scottish Gaelic, and Scots

Scottish independence continued - -

I'd hazard Scots will find a way such that the English et al. will vote for their independence in some years ...

will look to add to WUaS's Scotland wiki page ...

See Manuel Castell's middle volume of 3 "The Power of Identity" for more on this :)


Scottish independence articles

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B) -

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E) and ... (from before) -

I'd hazard Scots will find a way such that the English et al. will vote for their independence in some years ...

will look to add all to WUaS's Scotland wiki page ... ...


And here's the Piobaireachd Society's Annual Meeting in Perthshire, Scotland ...

Life goes on in Scotland, rather quietly, in my experience, having lived there two separate years, with ongoing movement toward, and talk of, independence.


Scots' Gaelic? Here's World University & School's Scots' wiki subject for open, teaching and learning resources ... and here's the Scottish Gaelic wiki subject ... ... free, open ... and WUaS is planning free, online degrees. People are invited to teach to the web at WUaS .... it's wiki.

An example of Scots, from DM:

Loatsa fowk think Ahm a pure-bred Choochter, but Ahm naw. Ah'm a mongrel tyke o some sort. When Ah wis a wee fella, Ah went back an furrard tae Gleska like a yo-yo wi ma Maw fur ma ees at ra Infirmary. Ma Maw was awfy poash, though. Her Maw an her Paw were frae Skye - an ra Skye's fowk's awfy poash tae start wi. Oanywye, her Paw goat himsel a deid easy joab as a fireman up Maryhill waye, scooshing wahher on ra fires wance in a blue moon. Ma Maw says at he wiz aye moanin aboot it, an wisht he'd goan tae sea doon ra wahher - an they aw wished he had tae. They were up ra toap o ra Fire Station in Maryhill - Gairbraid Avenue, an Ah ken it weel - an it wis awfy posh up rerr, Ah'm tellin youse. Best bit o it wis ra caurs roarin doon Bilsland Drive under yon aquaduck. Ma Maw went tae North Kelvinside fur her ejjymacation, and rat pit ra tin lid oan ra whole joab. Ah picked up ra pahher frae Aggie oan ra caurs, but Ah wisnae allowed tae speak wan word o it (except tae Aggie, when ma Maw wisnae listnin). Oanywye, wan day she heard me speakin ra pahher tae Aggie, an she says, 'Donald, that is NOT proper English!' An Ah says, 'Maw, Ah knaw fine an dandy it's nae proper English - it's whit ra Gleska fowk say, an Ah love ra Gleska fowk, an Ah waannnt tae speak tae rem, an Ah waant tae speak like rem, nae like you,' An ye know whit happened next? Just awfy...but she turned roon in frint o Aggie an gied me a skite oan ma lug! An she says, 'Don't speak to me like that, you impolite brat, and don't talk back!' An Ah wisna sure whit she meant wi 'talkin back'. Aw humans tawk back tae wan anurra. Oanywye....aye, oanywye....Ah had tae haud ma wheesht oan ra caurs, an it wis an awfy shame. Ra Gleska fowk ferr loved ra wee Choochter fella wi his wee kilt blawin roon his wee bum. But Ah've goat ra pahher aff pat, an Ah can speak it nae borra! Ah hud three lingos in them days - Gleska Pahher, Gaaalick, an ra Queen's English (ma Maw wis ra Queen). An rat's why Ahm sae fond o Scots an aw ra twangs an lingos o' Scotland. Get it noo, fowks? Bye the noo. See ye soon. Ra Free Tram's shooglin alang wi Aggie hingin frae ra pole! 'It's yirsel, Aggie....Haud back ra caur fur yir Choochter china!' (-: Donald Meek


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