Friday, March 23, 2012

Saddle-Billed Stork: Sal Khan and Anthropology? Ethnography? How can we all be Sal Khans?, Ethnomusicology and Primatology at WUaS?

Sal Khan and Anthropology? Ethnography? ...

Sal is generating so much great teaching to the web in so many great subjects -

and how can we all be Sal Khans,

illuminating specific courses at MIT OCW, for example,

as he did explaining math to his niece? ...

You can here at WUaS ...

with an invitation to teach ...

to teach to the web,

and to sit 'next' to the people you're teaching,


(as Sal Khan observes in this CBS 60 Minutes' piece,

where he also talks about 'flipping the classroom').

Thanks Bill Gates Foundation and Google for funding Khan Academy;

(and Google's Eric Schmidt's comments at 12 minutes in this CBS News' piece are also apropos).

... and they're measuring the effects :)

You'll find Sal Khan's website ( here:

WUaS Course Listings' Aggregates:


WUaS plans,

in exchange for free degrees,

to study how students learn,


with the benefit of students from such studies in mind.


In a similar vein, MIT Open Course Ware doesn't have courses

in Ethnomusicology

or Primatology (Sarah Blaffer Hrdy suggests 376 species of higher primates)

wiki subjects,

and you could teach these subjects,

and which WUaS may eventually develop departments for.


The Subjects' page is open and wiki,

which will allow for the development of numerous further subjects,

and teaching and learning resources.


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