Friday, March 16, 2012

Lichen on rock: 'Terence McKenna: Appreciating Imagination - 1/28,' Even as far-out as the left-brain can go, I'm glad he left a lot of symbols

'Terence McKenna: Appreciating Imagination - 1/28' ...

... this is thoughtful and considered

... not sure where I might add this at WUaS ... perhaps a new 'Imagination / Imaginaries' subject ... perhaps the Entheogens subject? ... or probably the Creativity subject - - or Art or Entheogens' - - subjects ... liking its focus on imagination :) (... I hear the voice of a philosopher in Terrence @E.R., @Heartsong :)

.. added this Terrence McKenna far out talk to WUaS's "If, There, Beyond" wiki subject, - - and the Creativity and Art - - subjects (@HeartSong)

Even as far-out as the left-brain can still leads to a terminal-state-of -mind...he died of brain cancer in 2000; previous interviews led to his "time-wave" theory [an 'end of time' in 2012]...he crwated an early "apocolypse" for himself ; a wonderful man with a self-fulfilling prophecy.

... no more word-interactivity - actual conversation - with Terrence, but I'm very glad he left a lot of left brain thinking in words, texts, recordings and symbols ... at least we can continue to engage his thinking further today in our own imaginations, at least one way by listening, even after his death ... but the little help he had from his friends of the forest floor - which I'm curious about - seemed to rocket his bodymind into new spaces, and wondrously :) ... imagination-learning-opportunities-unfolding ... xo monsieur jaima!!!


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