Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"5 Mutual Funds for Socially Responsible Investors - Kiplinger," Personal Financial Freedom Online

"5 Mutual Funds for Socially Responsible Investors - Kiplinger" - 


will look to add to World University and School's 'Investing - Socially Responsible,' wiki, subject page - 


(see also the Index Investing page at WUaS - 



Some approaches to 

Personal Financial Freedom Online -

will update this 'Finance - Personal,' wiki, subject page at World University and School -

with an invitation to add resources ... :)

For personal finances, also check out Mint.com -

https://www.mint.com/ -

for free online bookkeeping +, 

as well as (not free, but helpful) 

Quicken and 


(which makes doing taxes quite easy). 

Vanguard Mutual Funds is impressive in its indexing approach and 

cost and ownership structures, and 

they also have some socially responsible mutual funds 

... will look to add to the above WUaS 'Personal finance' page. 

Check out Morningstar Guide to Mutual Funds and 

Consumer Reports in your local library, 

or online through your local library, 

for objective comparisons of mutual funds.