Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cone snail: New UPenn Pharmacology & Neurobiology courses at WUaS's Pharmacy (Sch.) & Brain pages, New Coursera - Princeton, Stanford, UPenn, Berkeley and UMich - courses

I added this new interesting Coursera course -
- to

wiki, subject pages.

And I added this UPenn on Pharmacology course - -

at Coursera

(which looks to be produced by Stanford Professor's Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller -

to WUaS's Pharmacy School -

and the Pharmacology -

wiki, subject pages,

and invite all of you to try editing a WUaS page, as well,

with resources you love, at some point.

And did you listen to this -

"Forum - Disruptive Innovation: Higher Education" ...

It's also a well done interview

(like this NPR one you sent -

I've added the 4 great Universities' new Coursera offerings you mentioned -

to World University & School's great universities' Course's section -


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