Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cyanobacteria: Lists of most, virtual worlds, WUaS's Virtual Worlds' wiki, subject page, including courses, New 'Visual Anthropology' page

Here are some lists of most, known, virtual worlds -

‪List of massively multiplayer online role-playing games‬ -

MMORPG Gamelist - All MMO Games -

3D Virtual Worlds -

Virtual Worlds List by Category -

And here are James O'Reilly's "Immersive World Cloud Computing" posts:

(List of social software -

with more, growing. teaching and learning resources,

including courses,

at WUaS's Virtual Worlds' wiki, subject page ...

(MMORPGs - massively multiplayer online role-playing games).


Open Wonderland -

This virtual world (which was first made by Sun Microsystems, which also started the Open Office, free, great, office suite), which I just learned of, looks interesting as an alternative to SL, and other, similar, virtual worlds ...

Open Wonderland in Wikipedia -


Oh, where to build the virtual Harbin?


(I've enjoyed teaching a course on "Society and Information Technology"

on Harvard's virtual island for 7 semesters in Second Life ...


It's world backup day ...

backing up is so helpful ...

will look to add to Computer Science at WUaS ...


New 'Visual Anthropology,' wiki, subject page at WUaS ...

with 3 MIT OCW courses ...

Check out, and teach, play, edit or learn at the Virtual Worlds:

and at the 'Gaming - Digital' -

wiki ,subject pages, as well ... :)

and study these ...


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