Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bodymind electricity sings to me, o thee, who are pair

Bodymind electricity

sings to me, o thee,

who are pair,

and we,

sweet pear,

who sing harmony

in this spring.

Light in Napa

sparkles green and golden

on this fair day,

as I move on

toward Harbin.

Shimmering, shining

wondrous light,

how further to charge

this bodymind,

suffusing all-in with,

with love,

while traveling

through these tunnels of trees,

and on, along these winding roads?

Further travel,

and opening eyes,

with music sing-playing, -

but without you, as yet.

On, on, more

with love


on this fair day.

Omega-3, free,


and then ye, thee,

we, outstanding ~

see, musically, ...

and music happens.

Friends, of a jamming kind.

In the warm pool,

this vision vessel,

nudity frees,

and they cuddle~puddle,

dance Watsu Contact Improv,

breasts, bottoms,

bodymind shapes,

skin and curves,

beautiful people,

one man and three women

with nice bosoms,

happy, naturally, nature-ally,

erotically, and serene,

otter-like, -

haven't seen this in a while, -


and I sit,

relaxation-'sponse-wise, ~

and, aware, find a kind of

unfolding, freeing oneness.

O, warm waters,

and beauties of Harbin.

The mind, the bodymind, as 3-D

holographic, imaging machine, ...

how to turn it on, welcome it, electricity-alive,

with a cello bow stroke,

with loving bliss,

in all these myriad qualities?

Turn on the Grateful Dead, Mozart, Ravi Shankar, J.S. Bach, -

you choose your music -

listen on your headphones,

yes, and find some such qualities

again, and again, a gain,

repeatedly, when you want ...

but there are so, so many more bliss~qualities to explore.

How and when?

How to explore the new, freeing ones?

Why? ... because loving bliss-electric neurophysiologies

are some of the best experiences in life, and

can be both so awesomely intense,

as well as wondrously content.

What are these musical scores,

and music-improvisational themes,

for to start riffing ...

Music unfolding ... for 5 decades ahead?

In the Harbin sauna,

after soaking free,

I went naked to dry and warm, -

for the night was cool, -

and therein I found six, nude people,

nearly full, and mostly women.

One couple - attractive, she particularly,

for me,

with long, dark hair, -

snuggled up close together,

with her man,

as if one,

content, her nipples half-visible,

touching her arms.

He was sitting kind of centered,

and she was inward, next to,

and kind of around him, and with.

This pair, a sweet pear,

seemed positively connected,

generating their own together-electricity,

almost as one, woman and man.

O' wonders of a naked, beautiful pairbond,

sitting skin to skin, having merged,

not sexually,

but partner-wise, in sauna,

on the lower bench,

near the heat.

Harbin is its own thing,

generating its own life, milieu,

and electricity, ~

from of the waters, out of the '60s,

out of the nudity -

and life flows here, with all its peculiarities,

the stuff of a tribe,

of residents, visitors and guests -

where the waters flow out of the ground,

in abundance,

and people come again and again,

to soak.


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