Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sturgeon: Curious how to bring the many salutary benefits of the 'Relaxation Response' with WUaS, Shaker Sister Mildred Barker, and Bliss?

... curious how to bring the many salutary benefits of the 'Relaxation Response' -

in conjunction with what will be central to World University & School,

namely 'critical thinking' -

(how to make this enjoyable, - as well as measure this ...

"Trying to Find a Measure for How Well Colleges Do"

to generate the neurophysiology -

of contentment, enjoyment and flourishing in the learning process,

accrediting on MIT Open Course Ware.

Great engagement with language will help ...

Here's the 'Language,' wiki, subject page,

which is about the salutariness of language ...

(... different from Languages (All) ...


Check out Shaker Sister Mildred Barker

talking about Shaker singing and dancing and faith

on Public Broadcasting

... from the Ken Burns' film "The Shakers."

And here ...

(... not from Ken Burns)

Did Shakers find ways to generate, socioculturally, kinds/qualities of bliss?

How to extend such practice, and daily over years

{and add love and lovingness } ...?

It's so great that people, like Shakers, as 'socioculture,'

have explored a kind of bliss-generation for a long time,

and quite explicitly with singing and movement ... :)


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