Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grass species: New, Nation States' and Languages' wiki, subject pages in United Nations' languages and countries vis-a-vis WUaS's Bookstore, Language combinations at WUaS, Translated Courses at MIT OCW, New, wiki, language and country pages, Eventual Quota Funding System


I just created and posted below a number of new, Nation States' and Languages' wiki, subject pages at WUaS, which I hope will become accredited-in-those-languages-and countries, MIT OCW-centric, WUaS universities, for United Nations' languages, - Arabic, English, French, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish - which, in some ways, are the lingua francas of the world. And eventually these will be linked with WUaS's online Bookstore - .

For those of you who speak some of these languages, or hail from some of these countries, these are the beginnings of universities in these languages.

WUaS will eventually seek to translate the Subject names, and this Subject Template - - as we move into Wikidata.  





Mandarin (Chinese) 






Mandarin (Chinese)



... where, again, each of these languages will become a WUaS university unto itself in that language...


Language combinations ...

there are so many at World University and School ...

beginning with the United Nations' languages' combinations ...

(there's lots of precedent for translation at the United Nations,

but not in terms of MIT OpenCourseWare's translations of their courses - -

which is great precedent for WUaS's plans to move MIT OCW into other languages).

So, again ...

Arabic language -

English language

French language

Mandarin language (Chinese)

Russian language

Spanish language

And then there are many of these pairs ...

Arabic - English

Arabic - French

Arabic - Mandarin

Arabic - Russian

Arabic - Spanish

English - French

English - Mandarin

English - Russian

English - Spanish

French - Mandarin

French - Russian

French - Spanish

Mandarin - Russian

Mandarin - Spanish

Russian - Spanish 

... in terms of learning languages, cultures, and much more.


And then there are Nation States / countries ... and relations to languages ...


And then there are so many, further pairings ... 

Scots' Gaelic - German

Hi, Axel,

Thanks for your email. WUaS welcomes volunteer teachers, editors and other creative symbolizers, - as wiki ... and Wikipedia is our model for volunteer contributors. Have you edited Wikipedia? ... Here's WUaS's Scots' Gaelic page ... ... and your German-Scots' Gaelic-English axes are particularly interesting (, since WUaS would like to articulate between all (7,413+) languages and become accredited in all (204+) countries, and Wikipedia by way of comparison is in 285 languages, and they're building a new Wikidata database for language and database reasons.

WUaS hasn't begun to hire, and when we do, we're planning to begin with interns and job postings, and eventually look for Ph.D.s. for faculty. As MIT-centric WUaS grows into other languages (all) and countries (all), our business model will eventually focus on companies, governments, (and philanthropists), probably on a kind of quota system, so please, in your scholarly pursuits, stay tuned to sources in Germany and Scotland (e.g. governments, companies and philanthropists) which fund education (e.g. who, for example, may have had previous relations with MIT), and let me/WUaS know of these. An online, CC, STEM-centric, MIT-centric education at WUaS in various languages will appeal to many, different countries ... Please stay tuned and in touch, - but all of this will take a while.



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