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Red Cuillin, Isle of Skye: My new, Fettes College, pupil's web page from 1976-1977, Further correspondence with Fettes in Edinburgh, Scotland, Piper's Persuasion: William Morrison, Donald Macpherson performs at the Piping Centre in Glasgow

My new, Fettes College, pupil's web page from my time there in 1976-1977:


Dear Gordon,

In 2010 you kindly agreed to the details below being featured on the Fettes College website (

Please would you confirm you are still happy to be included in Fettes People and, if so, would you like to update any details?

Thank you for your help,


Dear Dawn, 

Thanks. I confirm that I am still happy to be included in Fettes People.

I attended Fettes from 1967-1977, and not 1977-1978, per the web page. Could you please update this detail?

Is Mr. Preston still actively the head of Fettes records? (I have his email as Is this correct?). Greetings to him!

Thank you, 
Scott (Gordon)

Thank you Scott and will ensure the website is updated with the years you attended Fettes.

Mr Preston is still actively undertaking the role of Keeper of the Register and has popped in to the OFA office three times this week.

He can be contacted by email and always loves to hear from OFs.

With best wishes,


Above is further, recent correspondence with with Mrs. Dawn Beaumont at Fettes, in Edinburgh, Scotland since this blog post on April 21, 2010: 

Red Cuillin: Fettes College, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1976-1977, Old Fettesian Notes and World University


Piper's Persuasion: William Morrison - Episode 4 - We meet the renowned piper and solo piping adjudicator William Morrison. Willie is from the Uists and speaks about his early tuition and influences and then goes on to discuss his competition days and prizes. ... ...

Great, ethnomusicological interview ... Willie Morrison is a 'great.'

Donald Macpherson performs at the Piping Centre in Glasgow on August 10, 1999 
... added this Donald MacPherson's piping -
. ... donaldmacpherson.m4v ... :) - to ... ... :)


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