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Male Orangutan Baring His Teeth: Anger, Daoism, Neurophysiology, Culture?, When I am pissed off ... far-reaching symbolizing (the texts, 'Tao te Ching,' 'Inner Chapters'), giving form to a kind of sociocultural context, Raga, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Happy, Chinese New Year!, "Tao Te Ching" Written by Lao-tzu, From a translation by S. Mitchell, "The Complete Works Of Chuang Tzu" Translated by Burton Watson

Anger, Daoism, Neurophysiology, Culture?

Raymond Sigrist
When I am pissed off it is beneficial to ask myself: Why does daoism claim that this is an ideal place to practice embodying the dao 體 道? (ti dao)

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  • Scott MacLeod: not sure about daoism ... but ... neurophysiology? ... flax seed oil for omega 3s is a sweetness of life  ... Here's the Omega 3s wiki, subject page at World University and School ... ... and the Neurophysiology wiki page ... ... In terms of language, I turn to music ... Ravi Shankar, Nikhil Bannerjee ... and 'flow' / focus there/here/now ... Reading Laotzi and Zhuangzi opens worlds away from pissedness for mee, as well
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  • Raymond Sigrist: Yes, neurophysiology. It is not enough for me to intellectually know that it is useful to be in the shit. I have to realize it in my neurological disposition.
  • Spencer W.: It seems that anger is generally a secondary response to "losing control" of a situation. When we're "controlling" the situation (or think that we are), we may not feel the need to practice flowing with the situation.

    It's good to step back when you feel pissed off and first recognize that we don't ever really "control" the totality of any situation, then see how we can utilize the elements of the situation to accomplish our affairs.
  • Raymond Sigrist: Yes, I think this is key: "see how we can utilize the elements of the situation to accomplish our affairs." It is hard to believe, but we can make good use of anything. 

    Zhuangzi: "Its very uselessness is what makes it so useful." 無用之為用也 Wu yong zhi wei yong ye Chapter 26
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  • Scott MacLeod: But, as I see it, far-reaching symbolizing ('Tao te Ching,' 'Inner Chapters'), giving form to a kind of sociocultural context, which I see in the two, main, daoist writers, can inform neurophysiologies like anger, but may do so differently, for example, with Chinese, and Americans, in engaging these texts and this alternative 'culture'. (I'm a little bit of an anthropologist 
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  • Raymond Sigrist:  Yes. Laozi tells us what is right. For Zhuangzi the bottom line is that he can't be sure what is right. (wei ding = nothing can be fixed as a sure thing)
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  • Isabeau V.: hahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha!!!!! been there....and yes it sucks, and yet,
    yes, it works! it's like nietzsche's downgoing, but on a smaller scale
    with a really sarcastic/ironic twist to it....sort of like my reaction when stepping on a yellow jacket
     years ago with bare feet (oh yeah, i got stung). First thing i i said -- SHIT!!! then the 2nd thing i said --shit, i'm
    sorry, i didn't mean to kill you. Then 3rd thing...take the yin qiao pills, put white flower oil on my foot, get out the ice pack, elevate the foot, and
    watch an episode of highlander . swelling was all gone in about 20 min or so, but had to finish watching highlander ... yes, there can be only one...


Happy, Chinese New Year! I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous Year of the Snake. Gung Hay Fat Choy! ( ... and ...


"Tao Te Ching"

Written by Lao-tzu
From a translation by S. Mitchell

"The Complete Works Of Chuang Tzu"

Translated by Burton Watson


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