Sunday, March 3, 2013

Breathing, Angela and Victor's yoga breathing play, Victor talking about "The Breathing Body" in audio, Burnout to Bliss |, Sun Salutation on YouTube, Yoga, global university

Breathing is most delicious, for easing, focusing and inner bodymind surfing 

... how to welcome these breathing processes can be a very fun exploration.

I find Angela and Victor's approaches to breath-play most enjoyable, as well as fascinatingly exploratory and releasing. 

To find enjoyable, online yogic breathing videos is something I'm looking for ... sometimes the focus on enjoyable, and remarkably so, gets lost in yoga ... 

... will add them as I find here or to breathing pages linked from here ...

Here's Victor talking about "The Breathing Body" in audio ... ...

But a course with them, with breathing, is very different than Victor's explanation here ... 


... continuing to seek and find online yoga practices that are enjoyable ... 

Here's an hour-long, "Burnout to Bliss" video, with Nicky Jones, in Vancouver, British Columbia ~ 

Burnout to Bliss | ~

I find a kind of bliss in this yoga video (a little unusually for me with yoga videos).  


Rodney Yee's A.M. Yoga is also very enjoyable yoga practice in media:


... and here's Nicky Jones, above, doing a Sun Salutation on YouTube: 

Sun Salutation - Flow Basic Yoga Series ... which ix also potentially enjoyable to do with.

You'll find 'Breathing' pages (not yet started), Victor's audio, and Nicky's "Burnout to Bliss" video, linked here at the Yoga, wiki page at WUaS ... ... 

and perhaps you know how to share approaches to breathing that are remarkably freeing and enjoyable. 

Here's an invitation to play, innovate and create as well as teach about your breathing, to your web camera and add them to this WUaS, Yoga page, if inspired. 


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