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Sun headed into hibernation: Upcoming presentation at San Francisco Friends' Meeting, Developing outline, Email about WUaS sent to f/Friends after a recent Quaker, College Park Quarterly Meeting

I'm glad to be giving a presentation in the "second hour" at San Francisco Friends' Meeting this Sunday at 1pm on 9th Street - all are welcome - about Quaker-informed World University and School, entitled something like:

World University & School and Friends

What is World University and School?

- It's a Creative Commons' licensed, MIT OpenCourseWare-centric, online, startup, free-to-students, accrediting, wiki university and school

- For planning purposes, this is WUaS’s first year curriculum with MIT professors -

and with graduate student instructors facilitating the conference method - -

in Google + group video Hangouts -

Here is The College at WUaS - - and - 

Admissions at WUaS - (like applying to MIT).

(Students will probably be living at home in the rooms they went to high school in, and be responsible for their own books, computers, etc. -

- On its degree side, WUaS plans to offer online, accredited bachelor, Ph.D., law, and M.D. degrees as well as International Baccalaureate (I.B.), high school diplomas, and eventually in many languages and countries, accrediting on C.C. MIT OCW, including its high school subject matter.

- WUaS is also a 501 (c) (3) education charity and service.

What are its f/Friendly influences?

- Monthly business meeting in the manner of f/Friends/Quakers informs WUaS's business practices

- Quaker leading / nontheistically f/Friendly leading ... I minister nontheistically with WUaS

- F/friendly, academic ethos for overachievers, like at Haverford, Swarthmore and Earlham, etc.?

- WUaS, Friendly-related, wiki pages as examples (there are others, and we can create new, Subject pages at WUaS about whatever subject we are lead to):

Ahimsa - Nonharming - Nonviolence - To avoid violence:

Consensus Decision Making:

Investing - Socially Responsible:

Native American Languages:

Native American:

Nontheist Friends (atheist Quakers?):

Peace and Social Justice Studies:

Quakers - Religious Society of Friends:

- A vision of love, in its positive senses, influences WUaS

'How can I create, teach and learn in a Friendly manner at WUaS?'

- Right now ... demo ... edit a page … WUaS main, Subject template example -

- It's wiki - share as if in Quaker Meeting, for example, at a musical subject in the World University Music School (, by teaching to your web camera

'My son or daughter is in high school, and we're beginning to look at colleges. Will s/he be able to attend online for free?'

- Yes, apply this autumn 2013, and matriculate in autumn 2014; WUaS will be a little like homeschooling, but MIT OCW-centric, academically.

- WUaS is in the process of accrediting in California, and soon nationally, costing Creative Commons' licensed WUaS around $15,000 in 2013, and $28,000 in 2014.

- ‘Could World University and School make a presentation this autumn at my son/daughter's Quaker high school?’

Flyers for prospective, undergraduate students:

WUaS Friends' Flyer for Prospective Student Applicants -

(accessible here -

Present impediments:

1. accreditation

2. Board

3. money

4. students

Please contact WUaS - - 415 480 4577 - PO Box 442, Canyon, CA, 94516 - for more information.


(From a week later on March 17, with AUDIO transcript:


Here's an email I sent to f/Friends after a recent Quaker, College Park Quarterly Meeting in California: 

Dear Friends, 

I've included EB's email below about exploring Friendly enthusiasms for Quaker-informed World University and School, emerging out of conversations Quaker CPQM. 

In this spirit, I wonder if I might begin a kind of CPQM Quaker ad hoc email committee for World University and School for sharing Quaker enthusiasms and ideas vis-a-vis World University and School, and even to inform WUaS further with Quaker spirit / thinking / culture. I'm starting this email group from here -, - and please just let me know by replying if any of you don't want to be on it. There are so many creative opportunities for open teaching, learning and creation at WUaS. :) 

And here's the printable flyer I made available this past weekend at CPQM and other related Quaker resources - 

"World University & School seeks Friendly, undergraduate students for  free, online, MIT OCW-centric, bachelor’s degrees to apply in the autumn of 2013, for matriculation in autumn 2014" ... - which I'm also attaching, and which you'll find at -

As an example from and for Quakers of how openly someone can teach to WUaS, someone could have filmed the dramatization of Algonquin-English language translation in the CPQM Talent Show by Bruce Grimes and Tockhwock and then add this Algonquin translation video to World University and School's Algonquin, wiki, subject page at all-languages - - which Algonquin is not yet started, but where quite a few other languages have pages.

Very much a Friendly leading, I think free, Creative Commons' licensed, MIT-centric, bachelor, Ph.D., I.B., law and M.D. degrees/diploma, - as well as open, free, online, wiki teaching and learning, planned in all languages and countries, - will help many, many people, - and the Quaker colleges, for example, Guilford, Swarthmore, Earlham and Haverford, all don't offer Ph.D., law and M.D. degrees, let alone via the web. 



Looked at your link, Scott -- meant to do it before I sent first reply.

Seems unlikely to me that CPQM as a unit could get involved in this fascinating project.  As you have seen/heard, we are very hard pressed to find the manpower for our current commitments, and your project is high tech beyond the capacity of many of the Friends who have free time.

But that wouldn't stop you from getting some experienced Quakers involved in helping to define and maintain your style of operation. And you can certainly spread the word among Friends who might want to participate.

It will be interesting to see how ES responds.  BR also has some good computer experience, having created a video game encouraging peace-making concepts.




Instead of biting our tongues we can each speak in our own way as we move forward together. We can metaphorically listen from the heart and speak from the heart.
An anthology of Quaker writings about this approach is now at our website, (see link, below).
Have a fine day, everyone.

Great, Os,

Thank you!

I added your "Quaker Writing on Listening and Speaking from the Heart" writing above to the 'Nontheist Friend's (atheist Quakers?),' wiki, subject page at WUaS - - which also welcomes videos we all might create by teaching / speaking from the heart to our web cameras, perhaps, for example, in conversation form in the Google + group video Hangout. 

Here's how I've created the reference: 

Cresson, Osborn. 2013. [ Quaker Writing on Listening and Speaking from the Heart]. March 11.

This 'Nontheist Friend's (atheist Quakers?),' wiki page at WUaS itself is an expression of speaking from the heart, and as wiki (editable, web pages), could facilitate any of us to do so, simply by clicking 'edit this page,' for example, after speaking to your web camera, or writing a web page, perhaps based on an email we've shared. 

With friendly regards, 


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