Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Gazebo Light Show at Harbin

The Gazebo Light Show at Harbin 

I looked up
from down one flight of steps,
from in front of the restaurant doors,
and saw the shimmery, white
under-roof of the Harbin Gazebo
Dance-reflecting its fountain's movements
on that rainy night.

Went to bed,
with rain on my head …

As I walked in in the morn,
the long way around,
from across the creek,
near the Res Center,
on up the road
to the village path,
and then through the woods
to the pools,
for to see things and to hike,
it was three turkeys,
on the bubbling, creek side of the road,
one male,
with white head and red underface,
and a little blue in there too -
so colorful, vivid, clear and bright,
thanks to nature on this moist morning -
that inspired me to write this,
catalyzed by the
Magnificent, shimmery light
of the Gazebo under-roof
on a rainy night,
which I had never seen before,
at light-filled Harbin.

As I walked on,
I stepped into
one of Harbin's nice, new
bathrooms for campers,
and for the people of
the (somewhat new) canvas-covered Domes,
popping up on the Harbin hillsides, -
like little, puffball mushrooms, in the rain, -
near the Harbin, bubble Domes' junction,
to write,
since smartphone use
at Harbin isn't allowed,
except in parking lots,
to which this bathroom is near.

These new restrooms are beauts:
3, orange-globe, light fixtures,
suggestive of apples in shape,
and a decorative, ceramic, sink basin, -
blue, green and flowery,
with a little orange here in there, too, -
and shimmery, silver, upper walls, in tile,
with one sun - a rise or set - in orange tiles,
at the horizon, at midriff's height, 
with blue tiles below
~~~ and spacious ~~~
with only a toilet, and no shower,
and six, blue, ceramic nobbies,
on the double-decker, 3-prong, coat rack,
an earthen-orange floor below,
and one rectangular skylight, 
high above.

Walked on to the pools …

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Disconnect and soak, and
tune into the lands and the waters.
Waters flow upward here,
and earth’s energies too …
while things bubble around …
reconnecting with
what comes up,
in the oneness which is Harbin.

On into the waters
from O:) that night’s Gazebo show …

O:), the light, the watery light.

Scott MacLeod
March 6, and March 13, 2013

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