Friday, March 1, 2013

Great blue heron: WUaS's online, Law School in Oregon, accrediting in parallel with the WUaS Law School in California?, Could Reed College and WUaS collaborate in the process of bringing Reed Humanities online, as well as the conference method?, (WUaS is particularly excited about the prospect of MIT OCW's online, S.T.E.M. focus)

Dear President Kroger,

It was very nice to meet you, as Reed College's new president, in person yesterday evening at the City Club of S.F. and to learn of the Reed's successes in fundraising, as well as academically. I talked with my relatives' T. and A. B.B. recently, and both mentioned how enjoyable it was to have met you in their garden in Hood River some years ago, when you were running for Attorney General in Oregon.

As a followup, I wanted to write to you to ask two, World University and School, related questions.

A) As WUaS begins to develop its online law school, in California first, of which there are already 12 (see this U.S. News' article - - not yet approved by the ABA, and which you'll also find in the beginning, WUaS Law School - - planned eventually for most / all countries), WUaS would also like to explore accrediting in parallel in Oregon. As a former Attorney General, whom would you contact in Salem, OR, or elsewhere about this, as online, legal education in Oregon develops? An online, WUaS, Law School, registered in Oregon (and started by a Reedie), would stand to help a lot of Reedies, post-Reed. 

B) In planning to matriculate WUaS's online, MIT-centric, undergraduate class - accrediting on Creative Commons' licensed MIT OCW with potentially MIT graduate students facilitating the Conference Method in Google + group video hangouts engaging MIT faculty's teaching in MIT OCW's video and audio courses, - in autumn 2014, WUaS would like to engage aspects of Reed College's 
approaches to education, including requiring a first year Humanities' course (as well as a first year, required, biology class with programming - with MITx professor Eric Lander as professor?,    ( - as well as requiring 32 courses, distribution requirements, junior qualifying exams, and a senior thesis), and I'm writing to ask if Reed College and World University and School might even collaborate in this process, bringing Reed Humanities online, as well as the conference method?

I wonder also if I might explore this 2nd question with Reed College Professor Jan Mieszkowski, whom I was glad to have met and hear give a Hum 110 lecture for alumni in June 2012.

(Just as MIT OCW has the 'mothership' of MIT to help with resources, could Reed possibly become a Humanties' 'mothership' vis-a-vis WUaS?)

(MIT OCW's online, S.T.E.M. focus is a particularly exciting prospect for World University and School -,_Technologies,_Engineering_and_Mathematics).

And concerning the Conference Method online, here's my email to you from February 16th, 2013, in a blog entry, with a few additions concerning World University and School and Reed College's Honor Code and Humanities -

It was very nice to meet you in person, and congratulations on becoming Reed College's new president.


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